About Robert McKeon

cpaheaderKnown as a tireless worker for Red Hook, Robert was the Chair of the Town’s Agriculture and Open Space Committee; he established the first conservation easement program in the Hudson Valley.

He has been named “Hudson Valley Hero” by Scenic Hudson.

Robert supported the adoption of the Length of Service Award programs for active volunteer firefighters in the Red Hook Fire Company and Tivoli Fire Department.

He works to promote buying local by connecting farmers and consumers in conjunction with the Glynwood Center’s Keep Farming program.

images-7Robert is a frequent speaker on conservation and planning throughout the region. He spoke most recently to a group of supervisors in Putnam and Westchester Counties.

Tax Reform Leader

Robert is a frequent speaker on property tax reform. He meets frequently with Senators and Assembly men in Albany, where he is known, and has successfully obtained legislation: the local CPF, Hudson Valley-wide CPF and increased funding of the Environmental Protection Fund.